NYT Presents Snow Storm Aftermath

The New York Times' offered an in depth view of what New York City is currently facing a day following Tuesday's snow storm dubbed, Winter Storm Stella.  Reports of the impending storm and the potential of 18 inches, the day before led to the closing of schools across New York City.  The aftermath of the … Continue reading NYT Presents Snow Storm Aftermath


NYT Sheds Light on Fearless Girl Statue

The New York Times highlighted a bronze statue of a little girl installed on International Women's Day and located in Wall Street staring across the infamous Charging Bull. The bronze statue is said to provide the Financial District with some gender diversity and while Kristen Visbal, the statue's creator expected her installation to be removed … Continue reading NYT Sheds Light on Fearless Girl Statue

Brooklyn College Staff Demonstration

Wednesday afternoon a number of Brooklyn College faculty and staff members who call themselves, Brooklyn College Against Trump, stood outside in unison protesting the Trump agenda among several other national issues.  The group held signs illustrating their stance on the nation's current state in regards to press freedom, women's equality, refugee ban list, Governor Cuomo's … Continue reading Brooklyn College Staff Demonstration

Assembly Oppose Cuomo’s Senior Center Budget Cut Proposal

Queens, New York -- New York state legislators held a press conference Thursday morning at Clearview Senior Center to combat Governor Andrew Cuomo’s executive proposal to cut $17 million federal funds to senior centers and reallocate the money towards child care. Cuomo’s proposed budget decrease of the Social Services Block Grant would result in the … Continue reading Assembly Oppose Cuomo’s Senior Center Budget Cut Proposal