The Battle to Pass RHA Bill in NY

The controversy surrounding abortion or pro-choice and pro-life supporters has accelerated as a topic of discussion in our country, but on a state level New York could soon implement a new law contributing to the women’s reproductive rights movement. The scene in front of Governor Andrew Cuomo's Manhattan office building was a windy one propelled … Continue reading The Battle to Pass RHA Bill in NY


Anti-Trump Rally Against JPMorgan and Company

New York lawmakers joined anti-Trump protestors, vowing to introduce a bill to cut pension funds of companies that support President Trump’s stance on immigration at a press conference on Thursday. The “Corporate Backers of Hate” campaign took place outside of JPMorgan Chase headquarters in Midtown and was led by dozens of demonstrators including members of … Continue reading Anti-Trump Rally Against JPMorgan and Company

Bernie Sanders Returning to Brooklyn College

United States Senator Bernie Sanders has garnered a foundation of support voiced by American college students in his recent Democratic nomination campaign and now he will be sharing his voice as the commencement speaker at Brooklyn College's ceremony held at Barclays Center this month. Brooklyn College president Michelle J. Anderson said in a statement, "We … Continue reading Bernie Sanders Returning to Brooklyn College

Interesting Points on Media’s Evolution

The landscape of media is certainly at a more evolved standing, but that doesn't mean adjusting to the newer methods and expectations of a journalist is impossible. Author of Journalism Next: A Practical Guide to Digital Reporting and Publishing, Mark Briggs stresses the essential necessities journalists and soon-to-be-journalists need to obtain.  Firstly, Twitter is brought … Continue reading Interesting Points on Media’s Evolution

Alleged Brooklyn Murderer on Trial

The trial of alleged murderer Clayton Gravenhise resumed on Thursday at Kings County Criminal Court, which featured the jury requesting to view multiple footage of Gravenhise confessing he murdered a man he mistakenly believed to be his brother’s murderer at the time of the shooting. The jury’s deliberation resulted in multiple notes; a request of … Continue reading Alleged Brooklyn Murderer on Trial