Bernie Sanders Returning to Brooklyn College

Bernie Sanders and Mark Ruffalo touring Brooklyn College in 2016.

United States Senator Bernie Sanders has garnered a foundation of support voiced by American college students in his recent Democratic nomination campaign and now he will be sharing his voice as the commencement speaker at Brooklyn College’s ceremony held at Barclays Center this month.

Brooklyn College president Michelle J. Anderson said in a statement, “We are honored to be able to welcome Bernie home this Spring to this great college, and to have him send off the Class of 2017. ”

Although, Sanders only spent a year as a Brooklyn College student, he told Time Magazine that his time living in a Flatbush apartment living paycheck to paycheck shaped his perspective on income inequality.  His older brother, Larry attended Brooklyn College and Bernie soon followed suit after being exposed to the ideals of democracy and its affairs.  Sanders previous attempt in running for United States President wasn’t his only experience running as a New York Times article revealed he was a successful member of the James Madison High School track team.

Sanders’ arrival will undoubtedly be met by enthusiasm and admiration from Brooklyn College’s class of 2017 as well as a victory considering the state of New York’s Excelsior Scholarship will come into effect for the upcoming Fall semester.  The costs that comes with acquiring a college education has long been a topic of discussion in Sanders’ campaign and now eligible New York college students will have access to free tuition two or four year degree programs at CUNY and SUNY schools.

Sanders will also be granted an honorary degree during the commencement on May 30th.


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