Interesting Points on Media’s Evolution

The landscape of media is certainly at a more evolved standing, but that doesn’t mean adjusting to the newer methods and expectations of a journalist is impossible.

Author of Journalism Next: A Practical Guide to Digital Reporting and Publishing, Mark Briggs stresses the essential necessities journalists and soon-to-be-journalists need to obtain.  Firstly, Twitter is brought to the table as a notable tool that is used to build and connect with an audience by providing live reporting via the web as well as using Twitter to develop sources needed to further one’s career.

The next vital tool a journalist can use is simply, a blog.  These days a blog is easy to attain, but that only makes it harder to stand out from the rest.  Broadcast journalism’s aim is to grab a listener’s attention and keep it until the end, the same can be said about blogs since they operate on the viewer remaining on a blog website instead of veering off onto entertainment web pages.

Updating blogs are key to building a nice collection of work that needs daily dedication and even then, success is not guaranteed.  Fortunately there are a few techniques that can make things easy for potential users who want to scroll down onto a easy-to-manuever site that can make it easier to share a post or two.  Briggs introduces, permalinks as one of the elements that sounds so simple, but can make a big difference in the overall success of one’s blog.  Permalinks are used  to provide users with direct access to a post in an independent tab that can be shared without having to include one’s blog home page and the scrolling that comes with it.

A blogroll provides readers with access to a list of websites frequently visited by the blogger.  This tool can be essential in connecting with an audience while encouraging a similar style of research or leisure.  The elements responsible for blogging’s proliferation are still imperative and includes but not limited to, simplicity, immediacy, and interactivity.

The nature of taking part of an interesting conversation via the web is always appealing especially when it concerns a current topic of interest.  The potential to interact with different minds on various subjects expands the platform for commentary, which ultimately opens the door to another discussion worth having.  The simple nature of these efforts offers no limit to the audience and their contributions.  Today’s technology is nearly flawless in the timely fashion participants are capable of.

Then of course comes the significance in the ability to market yourself as a digital journalist, which is something that involves constant activity on social media, blogs, and remaining current on the fast paced world we inhabit.


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