Alleged Brooklyn Murderer on Trial

The trial of alleged murderer Clayton Gravenhise resumed on Thursday at Kings County Criminal Court, which featured the jury requesting to view multiple footage of Gravenhise confessing he murdered a man he mistakenly believed to be his brother’s murderer at the time of the shooting.

The jury’s deliberation resulted in multiple notes; a request of a video statement of the confession, video surveillance of the liquor store where the victim was shot, surveillance video stills, music video shot prior to the shooting, a re-read of the summation and a clarification regarding the two assault charges Gravenhise is facing. Two video statements of Gravenhise, then 19 at the time, confessing to the murder of Jashzeph Crooks were shown on Thursday with the rest of the jury’s requests being shown when the trial resume on Monday.

His confession came following an arrest in November 2014 while in custody for attempted murder following a separate shooting in a Brownsville housing project. He also confessed to the murder of Beverly Turner, 18, who he mistakenly identified as being related to his brother’s kller while in custody. The separate shooting was reported to also be related to Gravenhise’s search for revenge of his brother’s murderer.

“When I lost my brother I was so emotional and sad,” said Gravenhise in the video. He continued, “I thought it was him, I came around the corner and attacked” said Gravenhise.

Gravenhise is reported to be affiliated with the Hood Starz street gang and is related to one of its leaders who was shot and killed in 2010. Gravenhise implied the loss of multiple family members prior to murder of his two victims weighed heavily on his mind.

Gravenhise wore a black and white checker patterned shirt and black slacks as he sat in the fourth week of his murder trial. His face was stoic throughout the hearing. Sobbing could be heard n the courtroom by the victim’s family during the video confession.


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