Spring coming to Brooklyn College?

With the month of March coming to a close, students and faculty members are left to wonder if and when the consistent warmth of Spring will arrive.  If you find yourself looking out the window in your dorm room you’d think the sun hovering over the campus told the complete story, but for the persistent commuters, it’s far from the truth.  In fact I thought I spotted a literal flying squirrel during the walk to New Ingersoll Hall this morning.  Turns out it was just an old professor’s toupee that got caught in the line of fire.  Wrong place, wrong time, I guess.

Despite the fact that we’ll soon be entering the month of April, Mother Nature has other plans for New Yorkers.  Perhaps she is prepping for April Fool’s Day or perhaps the multiple Winter snow storms in recent memory weren’t memorable enough.  Fortunately, the dirt infested snow residue is almost gone, but the burdensome winds remain full in effect charging towards us like a 300-pound NFL linebacker.

Keep your winter clothes in close proximity and remember these days for when the scorching heat provides a new array of issues in a few months or if global warming has a say, a few days.  Although the thought of staying in bed and sleeping in followed by a late morning centered on eating the marsh mellows in your hot chocolate before they melt sounds appetizing, the reality of hearing your professors lecture extensively will leave a better taste in your mouth.  You just don’t know it yet.  I think.  Days like these when the blustery winds and low temperature are staring us in the face, it’s constructive to reminds ourselves that these moments build character.  Don’t let this break your chi and stay frosty, folks.


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