WNYC on David Samson Sentence

Former Port Authority Chairman and good friend of New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, David Samson was sentenced to one year in home confinement and four years of probation following admission to bribing United Airlines to provide a simpler route to his South Carolina home.

If it sound like Mr. Samson got off with a slap on the wrist, it’s probably because he did.  The 77-year-old was also instructed to cough up a fine totaling $100,000.  If a more convenient route to his South Carolina property, by all means necessary, is what Samson wanted, then he is in for a treat as he gets to spend 365 days tucked in his comfortable home.  Samson, a former New Jersey attorney general, was able to avoid facing a potential of two years maximum prison time due to his lawyers stating that Samson was physically and mentally in a bad state.   Samson’s lawyers also provided the court with a number of testimonials from Samson’s friends and family who supported the belief of Samson’s good character.  Samson is now the fourth Governor Chris Christie ally to be convicted or plead guilty to charges stemming from the 2013 Bridge Scandal.

Governor Christie offered a statement, “This is a sad day for David and his family and friends. The court has ruled, and this chapter is now behind us. David will now pay the price for his bad judgment.”

United States New Jersey attorney, Paul J. Fishman had a different take on the matter, “It’s certainly a less severe punishment than we thought appropriate.”


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