Mayor de Blasio commends PBA Deal

NEW YORK– The new year was kicked off with a new deal between New York Mayor de Blasio and the Police Benevolent Association, marking its first agreement since 2012.

The contract agreement between PBA President Patrick Lynch and Mayor de Blasio reportedly includes nearly 24,000 NYPD members and is effective on March 15, 2017.  The agreement also included the PBA’s decision to avoid taking legal action against the City over the use body cameras.  Rather than continuing their stance against body cameras, the PBA agreed to increase the use of body cameras from now on.

Mayor de Blasio acknowledged the prolonged negotiations between both sides being due to difference due to contrasting views, but expressed fulfillment.

“This agreement provides the compensation and benefits the world’s finest police department deserves, while outfitting the entire force with body cameras and delivering the transparency and policing reforms at the center of effective and trusted law enforcement,” said de Blasio.

The NYPD base pay will increase from $41,975 annually to $42,500 after 1.5 years and will reach $51,000 by late 2022.

Lynch expressed confidence that NYPD employees will be paid accordingly due to the nature of risk and difficulty officers face regularly.

“We perform the most difficult police job anywhere in the world, and the challenges and dangers we face each day continue to grow,” said Lynch.  He added, “The agreement that we announce here today recognizes those challenges and continues to move New York City police officers towards a package of compensation and benefits that is equal to our statuses the finest police officers in the nation.”

The philosophy of neighborhood policing will be adopted with the intention of working alongside citizens strategically with the aim towards finding solutions to everyday problems.


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